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About the Artist

I’ve had a love of art and creating since a small child. I was lucky to have the support and encouragement of my family and opportunities to study and learn various art forms.

I studied art at Assumption High School, (Louisville, Kentucky), Eastern Kentucky University (Richmond, Kentucky), Baker Hunt Foundation (Covington, Kentucky) as well as independent study with Keith Kline (Florence, Kentucky) I spent a year at Kentucky School of Art (Louisville).

I work in oils on large canvases or multi-canvas compositions.

I enjoy the human figure, using a mix of realism and abstraction. I use loose sketchy brush strokes (it has been described as “drawing with paint”). I also enjoy sculpture and mixed media.

I have been working with henna for over 12 years. I started with a book at the library, where all great stories begin..  I am a henna “therapist”, creating opportunities to relax, de-stress, and express individuality, creativity and joy through henna body art. . I provide a way to make a ritual and mark a special moment or transition in life. I sling happiness.

I have attended Mendhi City Retreat in Chicago, Henna Intensive Workshop in California, and Henna Con in California, and continue to find ways to learn and grow.

I provide private sessions by appointment; henna for baby showers and mama blessings; henna crowns for those going through chemo or dealing with alopecia; private parties, corporate and nonprofit events.

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 1029 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204      (502) 648-8136