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Wearable Art


BoMo Art

“Art produced from the soul to take wherever you go.”

Sometimes you just want to surround yourself with art.  BoMo Art let’s you express your love of art and look great doing it.

The all too frequently rushed pace of modern living must not separate us from art which nourishes the spirit.  BoMo (Bohemian Monkey) Art is produced so that it may be enjoyed wherever you go throughout your day. Traditional pieces enhance any space we inhabit. Creating a unique statement with clothing allows art to be displayed and savored.  BoMo Art is individual expression of the most personal type and goes where you go bringing continual joy.

My hand painted Wear It Art is influenced by nature, henna designs and repetitive designs.

Hand painted scarves of 100% silk (unless otherwise stated): habotai, charmeuse, and crepe de chine are available in various sizes. They are soft and flowing and each is original piece of art.

Love henna but wish it were more permanent? Try a henna BoMO piece. The negative discharge pieces are created by removing the color from the garment, leaving behind a beautiful wearable creation. Now you can have henna on all the time!

Repurposing garments is important as we live in a world with finite resources.  According to the EPA, 13.1 million tons of clothing are trashed each year in the United States; only 2 million tons are recycled though each year.  I enjoy breathing new life into unwanted items using creative techniques.  Bring me your plain jeans, jackets or anything calling to be unique.  I will customize using your design or mine.

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 1029 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204      (502) 648-8136