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about me

I am an artist, henna slinger, paint monkey and creative soul.  I find joy in all forms of art- and want to share it with others. I like to creative pieces that convey meaning and positive affirmations. My work is available for purchase on my website.

I provide creative artistic services to add to your event or business, being it art, face painting,and henna

I am a henna “therapist”, creating opportunities to relax, de-stress, and express individuality, creativity and joy through henna body art. . I provide a way to make a ritual and mark a special moment or transition in life. I sling happiness.

I have attended Mendhi City Retreat in Chicago, Henna Intensive Retreat in California, Henna Con in California, and East Meets West Mendhi Meet In Budapest, Hungary, and, I continue to find ways to learn and grow.

bohemian Monkey Rose
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